Yoga Teacher

Opal Blair

Opal Blair is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification at Vayusha Yoga in Surrey, Bristish Columbia under the instruction of Lauren Roegele, CJ Lopston, Anne Jones, Jasmine Berry, Tianne Allen and Evan Zaleschuk. Opal is deeply grateful for the wisdom and guidance her teachers have shared with her thus far in her journey, although she knows she will forever be a student to the practice, as there is always room for growth.

​Opal has worked with youth in the education system for over 7 years and began her yoga journey in 2015. As a person who lived almost a decade in chronic pain suffering from a multitude of stress related illnesses, she sought out yoga as a last resort. Since developing a regular yoga practice, Opal has gained a much greater awareness of self, enabling her to manage stress and strengthen her body. Yoga has had such a transformational effect on her own life that she wants to share the gift of yoga with others who may also be struggling to find balance in their lives. Since already having a background in teaching, it seemed only natural for her to become a teacher of yoga as a means to share the power of the practice.

​She believes yoga is for every BODY regardless of age, ability or body type. She enjoys inspiring and empowering others through yoga postures, breath techniques, meditation while offering a supportive touch to enable students in their own growth and transformation. Opal continues to practice yoga daily as a means for her to live authentically and continue developing a greater understanding of self, while enabling her to stay active, balanced and grounded. Opal is eager to share her passion and enthusiasm of the practice with others by offering a supportive space to move, stretch, and deeply restore to the edge of each person’s ability.

Opal teaches a Hatha-based yoga which is the foundation of her training, although her passion lies in Restorative Yoga, as it has been so instrumental in her own transformation. In one of Opal’s classes expect to experience heartfelt intention, woven with balanced movement through dynamic sequencing in a fun environment, ending in a restorative savasana. Opal offers a variety of props, modifications and information in class, encouraging others to honor their bodies and what they need in that moment with a compassionate heart. She also loves teaching alignment principals to students and encouraging them to move towards their edge. Opal’s intention is that students leave feeling balanced, restored and inspired to continue to deepen their own practice of yoga and personal growth.

6705 Satchell Street
Abbotsford, BC V4X 2E3
BC Canada (604) 265-6154