My stay at the Fraser Valley Treatment Centre has been a very rewarding and informative experience. The group counselling sessions with Justin were intense but they really helped me to build my confidence level. It also showed me how to achieve the tools to learn to love and respect myself.

The equine therapy every morning and afternoon with Lauren, Pharoah and Coco, were the highlight of my every weekday. My introduction to interpretive art was met with much resistance on my part but Naomi made it look like fun, so how could I refuse to open my mind to it. I really did have fun with all that she taught us. (Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). I found the yoga sessions very beneficial and will continue with it once I am home. The weekends were probably the hardest, with only yoga on Saturdays but it was a time to reflect on what was learned throughout the week and work on any homework assignments.

My only suggestions for some possible improvements, would be to add a few things to the bedrooms (ie. mirrors, clothes rack to hang clothes on, and maybe a place to sit and read or do homework in private). I also feel that an occasional outside excursion away from the facility would be very beneficial to the patients. Possibly a shopping trip to pick up supplies that could be needed.

The staff members were very accommodating and well liked by myself and many of the others. Should anyone ask, I would definitely recommend this facility for treatment.

-Darlene McPherson

​From start to finish I have had an excellent experience at Fraser Valley Detox and Treatment Center. The staff have a genuine concern for your well being and treatment while displaying true passion for what they do. The location is quiet and surrounded by beautiful trees to aid in having a calm relaxing feeling, The treatment I had was a comprehensive combination of healing that encompasses the physical body, mental health, spirit and soul as well as being welcome like family.

The down to earth realistic approach is also something I don’t think you can find anywhere else. Through discovering myself and understanding my strengths and weaknesses it has been paramount in achieving everything I had hoped for when coming into treatment.

​I want to thank everyone involved at Fraser Valley Detox and Treatment Centre and I highly recommend and endorse this facility.

To anyone struggling reading this and looking to heal their mind,body,soul, and for a successful future this is the place for you.

Abbotsford, BC

​I want to thank everyone for the great care that our son received while at Fraser Valley Treatment Center. He is doing well and staying on track and I believe the weekly visits/outpatient treatment is an important part of that.

Your program is very much individually tailored to each persons’ unique needs and we appreciate that. I think you have a great team there especially Justin and also Gail, who I know personally, and is a fantastic physician. Some feedback and suggestions have been supplied to the staff which I trust will be implemented as the center matures.

I truly hope the program continues to be a success and grows. It is much needed in the community.

With much appreciation and respect,

Abbotsford, BC

6705 Satchell Street
Abbotsford, BC V4X 2E3
BC Canada (604) 265-6154