Dr. Shah F. Khan


Dr. Shah Farhan Khan joins Fraser Valley Treatment Centre from our local Abbotsford Regional Hospital. With over 16-years of experience, spanning multiple countries, his track record of precise evaluation and impeccable ethics makes him another valuable addition to our staff of talented and compassionate individuals.

​Dr. Khan has the ability to respectfully engage clientele from all walks of life; with a poised penchant for cross-cultural treatment plans, his ability to remain sensitive to the needs of the individual and their origin story is remarkable. An inquisitive mind, he enjoys investigation into new and exciting modalities being introduced into the field of pharmacology, where his wealth of experience is undeniable. A keen observer and listener, he is the facilitator of successful dual-diagnosis treatment that seek to empower the afflicted, by including them in the analysis and discussion of their recovery plan. His experience in the ER with acute psychiatric cases allows him to remain unruffled in the face of adversity and dogged in commitment — no matter the context or circumstance.

In addition to working in Abbotsford Regional, Dr. Khan has shared his medical expertise with our “neighbours” in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Manitoba — dutifully serving those in need at St. Mary’s Hospital, Centennial Centre for Mental Health and Brain Injury, Regent Primary Medical Clinic, and Primary Bison Family Clinic. The story of his professional impact does not remain within the borders of the “True North Strong and Free”: Dr. Khan spent the beginnings of his career working in the Republic of Ireland and Pakistan, from 2000-2011. Indeed, his worldly experience grants him the adept wide-angle lens required to understand the big picture of how the human mind works, within and without ourselves, and our increasingly diverse social environments.

6705 Satchell Street
Abbotsford, BC V4X 2E3
BC Canada (604) 265-6154