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There is a lot of good information and a lot of bad information on alcohol treatment in Vancouver. More specifically, you'll want to be careful when choosing a rehab for alcoholism in Vancouver. For example, when most people think of addiction or alcoholism, they automatically think of 12-step programs. However, while 12-step programs can be very effective for some people, these are not practical programs for everyone. For example, there are some people who don't believe in the concept of a higher power. Well, where would such a person fit into a rehab that only offers a spiritual-based program such as the 12-steps?

Further, there are a lot of people who are introverted, and the idea of attending groups and meetings with complete strangers every day - sometimes multiple times a day - doesn't appeal to them. After all, the 12-step program teaches that "once an addict, always an addict" and that the only way to stay sober is to keep coming to AA meetings for the rest of your life. The 12-step program also teaches that the only way to "keep it is to give it," referring to the need to sponsor someone else if you want to stay sober.

Why We Use Other Treatment Models

While we are not picking a fight with 12-step programs or anyone who supports or believes in 12-step programs, we are simply pointing out that these programs don't work for everyone. Still, everyone who goes to rehab for alcoholism in Vancouver deserves a program that will work for them. That is why Fraser Valley Detox & Treatment Centre focuses on evidence-based alcohol treatment models, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and exposure-response therapy.

Understanding Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Treating Alcoholism

Unfortunately, there are not many evidence-based treatments available for alcohol addiction. DBT is likely the treatment for which there is the greatest evidence in alcoholism. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was designed specifically for people who self-harm. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that DBT has worked very well in treating alcoholism, as alcoholics are often people who self-harm. Indeed, the very nature of alcoholism is self-destructive.

DBT is all about giving alcoholics the tools they need to healthily and responsibly deal with situations that arise each day. More specifically, DBT helps people with alcohol addiction to deal with their emotional reactions without returning to the bottle. DBT is the synthesis or merging of trying to change something while, at the same time, radically accepting that something is what it is.

We Use CBT to Treat Alcohol Dependency

Of the different kinds of evidence-based treatments that we offer for alcohol addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy has probably proven to be the most effective. CBT deals with how people relate to the world, and it helps us to identify some of their irrational beliefs and automatic thoughts that tend to contribute to alcoholism and other maladaptive ways of coping with life.

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rehab for alcoholism Vancouver

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