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If you or a loved needs alcohol detox in Vancouver, you can get the professional treatment you need at Fraser Valle Detox & Treatment Centre. Alcohol - although it is legal - is one of the most addictive and lethal substances on the planet! The fact that alcohol is legal creates a societal acceptance for this substance that less harmful but illegal substances - such as marijuana - don't have.

Alcohol Addiction is a Serious Disease that Needs to be Taken Seriously

Let us make no mistake! Alcohol is a dangerous drug. Yes, it is a drug. While it is true that addiction to any substance is dangerous, it is a race against the clock for those who are addicted to alcohol to get the treatment that they need. Addiction is a disease, and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that will take the life of its host if not addressed soon enough.

When people are drunk, they become the worst version of themselves. Some people get mean, some people get silly, and other people become depressed when they are drunk. When under the influence of alcohol, people do things that they would never even have a second thought about doing in their right mind. That is why people humiliate themselves and bring shame to themselves and their loved ones when they are drunk.

Understanding the Nature of Alcohol Addiction and the Need for Medical Detox

Fraser Valley Detox & Treatment Centre exists to help individuals who are addicted to alcohol. To understand the need for alcohol detox, we first need to understand the nature of this toxic substance. You see, there are some substances - such as marijuana - which can be addictive. However, substances like marijuana and even cocaine - as powerful and destructive as cocaine is - are merely psychologically addictive. In other words, the person who is addicted to one of these substances will not get sick if he or she doesn't have it.

Alcohol is worse. Alcohol is also psychologically addictive, which can be destructive enough! However, alcohol addiction takes it a step further, as alcohol is also physically addictive. This means that the body comes to depend on alcohol for survival as it does air and water. That is why people who are addicted to alcohol need to detox in a medically-supervised detox facility. They run the risk of succumbing to withdrawal symptoms!

Is it Safe to Quit Alcohol on My Own?

When a person who is addicted to alcohol tries to quit using this substance on their own, they might get sick. In extreme cases, they may even die! Medically-supervised detox eliminates the risk of this. We are able to keep our patients safe and comfortable during detox. You've probably seen someone go through detox from a physically-addictive substance at some point. If you have, then you know it isn't pretty. Tremors, cold sweats, anxiety, fits of anger, mood swings - these are just the "mild" symptoms of withdrawal. Vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and intense pain - these are the worse of withdrawal symptoms.

Give us a call to get alcohol detox in Vancouver. It might be the best choice you've ever made!

alcohol detox Vancouver

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