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On-Site Equestrian Specialist – Lauren Sorel

Lauren Sorel is our on-site Equestrian Specialist for the Fraser Valley Treatment Center, or FVTC. Our equine therapy assists and coordinates with other team members to improve disorder and-or addiction treatment. Equine assisted treatment is included with most of our disorder and addiction therapy programs.

Lauren contributes a lifelong fascination with human nature and the mysteries of the universe. An avid student and relentless researcher, Lauren can usually be found deep in thought, synthesizing information from a vast array of social sciences, medical literature on neurobiology, a wealth of spiritual knowledge and ancient mythology, even quantum physics. A wordsmith, she has a degree in Creative Writing; her memoir, a longstanding work in progress, endeavors to explain that our life’s greatest troubles are also its greatest gifts.

However, it is often her first love of horses, that Lauren credits for blessing her with the patience and courage to find her way on the sometimes wayward path to health and happiness. Whether she’s playing cowgirl, tending to racehorses, or catering to show jumpers, her equestrian experience is varied and versatile.

The wisdom of horses has taught her much about the world around her and the people in it. She’s even had the privilege to explore a few corners of the globe by horseback — riding breathtaking treks in New Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, multiple US states, and both coasts of Canada.

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