Why Choose

Fraser Valley Treatment Center


Fraser Valley Treatment Center is located in a serene and lush area of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Being a mere one hour drive away from Vancouver, FVTC is a private in-patient treatment center in the lower mainland.


Our Programs

Our programs are cost-effective and competitively priced when compared to other treatment programs in the lower mainland of our caliber. We offer in-house financing for those who qualify. We offer twenty-four hour care through our highly trained, skillful staff-members.


Fraser Valley Treatment Center is in close proximity to Vancouver and Abbotsford international airports.


Our treatment programs are altered to each individual and their needs; we do not run on a hurried time schedule, which allows each patient to recover at a pace suited to their own individual needs.

Private Room

We guarantee a private room for each patient. The comfortable, safe and quiet neighbourhood we are located in gives patients a sense of peace as they recover.

​Cost Effective

Accessible and more cost effective than other Treatment Centers

Over the course of your treatment stay, programs are designed to match client needs and thus we individually tailor our treatment for each client. We offer 24-hours of care through our supportive staff. Our broad range of treatment options and individualized treatment plans allow each client to pay for the level of services necessary to treat their particular condition. Whether that be drug addiction, alcohol dependence or a psychological disorder, we will create a treatment plan that fits your needs​

Fraser Valley Treatment Center

Safe and Comfortable

Each patient at Fraser Valley Treatment Center has their own private room. Our inpatient treatment programs are not on a hurried time schedule, allowing each patient to recover at a pace that suits their own physiological needs, minimizing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and expediting physical recuperation

​We do not utilize a one-size fits all approach to Drug Treatment. Individualized attention provides for rapid adjustments to the treatment plan to accommodate each patient’s safety, comfort and success​.

Leaders on the Business

Leader in addictions and mental health treatment.

​Our success in alcoholism, drug, process addictions and mental health treatment is based on years of research and studying what works.

We treat each person who comes to us with respect, while providing a safe place in which to heal. We approach treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life. We address all addictions and their underlying roots because treating only one impedes long-term recovery in all aspects of the patient’s life.

Each person who turns to our center for help comes with a unique personal history and set of circumstances. Treatment is tailored to ensure the most effective approaches and best opportunity for recovery. The individual’s treatment plans will be influenced by a number of factors including family history, addictive substance(s)/process, gender, physical health, and many other variables.

6705 Satchell Street
Abbotsford, BC V4X 2E3
BC Canada (604) 265-6154
Email: fraservalleydetox@gmail.com