What we Treat

Process Addiction


A process addiction​ is a compulsive behaviour that does not involve the use of chemical substances.

What we Treat

​Process Addiction

Some examples of process addictions include: gambling, sex, eating disorders, and shopping. When an individual who has a process addiction contributes to their compulsive behaviours chemicals are released in the brain; these chemicals are similar to ones that take place during substance abuse. A hobby or habit can spiral into an addiction when the individual has an obsessive need to be involved with the activity; they neglect responsibilities in order to participate in the activity; the obsessive behaviour they display is impacting relationships negatively; and their life revolves around the activity. Process addictions are often overlooked and over-shadowed by substance abuse addictions; process addictions can just be as dangerous and life impeding than substance abuse addictions. Legal issues, family struggles, financial difficulties, and self-deprecation are some of the dangers of a process addiction; if left untreated, process addictions can spiral into chemical addictions to cope or severe mental illnesses.

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