Addictions Specialist

Dr. Patricia Anderson


Dr. Patricia Anderson has been a practicing physician for the past 20 years; 13 of which were in the province of BC. She attended medical school in Calgary and completed her residency in Saskatoon. Dr. Anderson first became involved in addiction and corrections, as a resident. It was during her residency training that she provided care to inmates at the Saskatoon Regional Psychiatric Centre, which is only one of two correctional facilities for the criminally insane. Upon relocating to BC, Dr. Anderson worked as a Physician Consultant at the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre. Unfortunately, corrections work goes hand in hand with addiction services. After working for the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre, Dr. Anderson then spent the next seven years immersed with community addiction services.

Her experience with the treatment of addiction includes treatment centres, recovery houses (in home and facility) and the jail system, amassing more than 10 years spent with the addicted population.

Dr. Anderson’s experience and knowledge is vast yet she has committed herself to ongoing education the area of addiction. Dr. Anderson gets immense satisfaction from the many successes that she witnessed and truly believes in multi-factorial aides to recovery, which can be provided through a good treatment centre. ​

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